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I am a Indonesian Canadian product designer, just received a bachelor's degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. I enjoy collaborating and dabbling ideas with non-designers, and I find it very refreshing to capture new perspectives from various backgrounds. To me design usually starts with a conversation, then papers, then the specific medium. In my work, I prioritize the users, product, and system thinking. This way, it gives me the opportunity to think about the problems and solutions holistically.

My coworkers told me that I get very excited when I talk about food and food is pretty much what I talk about 90% of my conversation. Passionate about food, I want to improve food and nutrition literacy and accessibility. My love of food is translated in my cooking and several experiences from working for a startup to reduce food waste to starting on a project that helps people to start cooking at home.

So when I’m not pushing pixels with a purpose, I’m probably asleep by 10 PM unless it’s a dance night. I wake up by 6 AM to go to CrossFit and then repeat. I balance the calories I burn from CrossFit by religiously eating cheese and exploring local restaurants.